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"I'll be in touch with you throughout the process to make sure the painting is to your satisfaction before shipping." 


8x10"   (one head shot only)
9x12"   (one head shot only)
12x16"   (see notes)
24x18"   (see notes)  
24x36"   (see notes) 

Please note:

• $55 extra charge for each additional animal per surface

• $40 extra charge for each full body

• Extra charge for special compositions (including furniture) and special backgrounds (i.e., trees and flowers), depending on complexity. Estimates available upon request

• No extra charge for a simple, colorful background

• 12x16" and larger portraits may include two subjects and more complicated compositions, if desired

• Other sizes and compositions are available. Let’s talk!

"All my paintings are done with the best pastels for the job and I use museum-quality surfaces, most from France or the UK. If you have any questions or concerns, I’ll be happy to discuss them with you!"—Maggie


•  8x10" to 12x16" portrait:  $50 deposit
•  24x18" and larger portrait:  50% deposit


•  Payment by:  PayPal, Venmo, or check
•  Balance due upon completion


•  Portraits supplied unframed
•  Shipped securely between foamcore
•  Shipping charged at cost


•  Email Maggie for details or to schedule
•  Good quality pet photograph required

Your beloved pet, handpainted in colorful pastels from your favorite photograph, suitable for framing.

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For details and to schedule a time for your project,
email Maggie.

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