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"I love painting in pastels!" 


Besides raising three children and working, I’ve always enjoyed sketching, so there’s not a lot to say about my work with pastels, except that I love it!

In 2019, I took a sketch a little further by “playing around” with pastels. I did a small seascape, just trying to paint a wave. But when I painted my first critter, a giant heron, I knew that I LOVED painting animals! Self-taught, I painted a few portraits for friends, watched a couple YouTubes, and the rest is history! 

I posted some of my pastel work on a neighborhood social media platform and, voila! I got requests to paint peoples’ pets! I think I enjoy that the most. Like people, animals have diverse personalities, so I try to capture each fur baby’s particular charm, from goofy to regal. People are so happy with their pet paintings, which may be only a memory, but it warms my heart to give them this joy.

In 2021, I joined our local art association and had fun entering their Fall Art Show. I was so surprised when I took first and second place in the Animal Portrait Division! I’m not really going to do much with competition; that’s not my interest or goal. But it was fun and I met many very good artists from this area.

I’m enjoying my retirement this way. I would like to branch out with a landscape or two, but my main focus will still be to bring joy to those who want something special to remember their favorite pet by!

Your beloved pet, handpainted in colorful pastels from your favorite photograph, suitable for framing. For details and to schedule a time for your project, email Maggie.

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